Navigating Change

Constant change is our new reality. Yet most organizations struggle to keep pace and leverage change efforts to re-engage employees. It is possible.

Paige helps companies and leaders build capability not only to manage change effectively, but also to capture the hearts and minds of your employees.

“Paige was retained by Change Healthcare for a specific project focused on the management of our most critical talent. AS a result of her terrific work, we continued to utilize her talents on a variety of projects up until the sale of the business. Her skills of attention to detail, active listening and seeking to understand as well as an incredible client centered focus was instrumental in helping the business establish the right talent priorities. The solutions she proposed were always well thought out, insightful, practical, and showed a remarkable capacity for breaking large issues into manageable segments. Paige’s actions consistently inspired and motivated other employees to get to the right solutions and she never shied away from the tough conversations. She possesses strong values of integrity, collaboration, and overall well-being for the individuals in which she interacts. I have an enduring respect for both her work ethic and problem-solving skills.

Linda Whitley-Taylor, EVP, Chief People Office | Change Healthcare

Workshops and Skill Development

For groups of 12-24, Paige leads full and half day workshops to help you design change management plans, accelerate your change initiatives and develop skills of your key change leaders and teams.

Speaking Engagements

Keynotes, professional conferences, team building and internal company events. For most organizations, change is always underway. An outside voice brings valuable insight to spark new energy for your change initiatives. Paige speaks from her real life corporate and personal experiences of envisioning, leading and managing change.

Leadership Team Advising

Does your leadership team need a partner to help clarify future vision, plan for early wins or strategize for the duration of your transformation? Paige acts as an extension of the leadership team, coaching, advising and offering fresh ideas to the most complex change efforts. After 15 years of consulting with senior executives and senior leadership teams, she brings focus and a bias for action to accelerate the successful outcome of your desired transformation.

Change Management 101

Does everyone have a different definition for change management? Are some stakeholders new to the concept all together? Change Management 101 is a quick, easy way to introduce the concepts of leading change, bring together the key change agents and spark the conversation.

Executive Change Leadership Coaching

Change efforts and transformations fail without leadership from the top. Paige provides one-to-one coaching for the leaders specifically responsible for modeling the change behaviors, encouraging early adopters and sustaining change.